Hello Everyone!
Sorry about not having pictures last week, I forgot to bring my camera to the computers. But it has been a wonderful but emotionally trying week. Everyone in our zone left, literally I mean that besides the new Danes there weren’t anyone else in our zone but us. The other two groups:the Danes and the Nords left. But we just got the new group last night and it was MASSIVE. We are now one of the biggest zones in the entire MTC. We now have 38 people including us and the Danes. One interesting note is that one of the Danes, his name is Eldste Cooper, he is a convert! He is from around Cocoa Beach Florida and he has officially been a member for a solid year. I have a lot of respect for people who are willing to leave after only having known the gospel for that long. My friend Elder Dugquem was the same way, he has only been a member for 1 year and will be leaving to Thailand on his mission in a week. On that same note, the only other original group that we still have is the Ukranians, and among them is someone from Finland! Have I tried talking to him in Finnish? Nope. Despite the fact that he is only 5’5 he always was in a grouchy mood and told us on the day that we met him that we shouldn’t bother learning the language because we never would be able to learn it. But he has warmed up to us and is pretty funny, but he still is pretty grumpy most of the time. But it has also been a crazy week because one of the people in our zone had to have surgery. It was not anything major, he just has throat issues and they had to stretch out his throat. We joked that whenever someone asked why he wan’t in class that he was pulling the good old surgery excuse. But it’s also weird when me and Vanhin Jaccard remember we are zone leaders. Language is coming in good as well, I want to thank all of you for your prayers for me in learning the language. I am learning the language a lot faster than I know I normally would, and I know it has a lot to do with everyone praying for me. My time in the MTC sure is going fast and I am excited to be out on the field.
miss and love all of you,
Vanhin Warner


Author: Elder Warner

I was born and raised in Roscoe, Illinois and I am probably one of the few members of the church who get to say that they go to church in another state (we go to the Beloit, Wisconsin ward). I am a freshman at BYU-Idaho and currently working on my associates degree of science. My hobbies include music, bike-riding, reading, and hiking. mission email: rwarner@myldsmail.net

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