Well another interesting week at the mtc! Not too much different happened this week. It was sad though because my friend Elder Dugquem left for Thailand. He was one of the very first friends I had here and would always help out when I needed help. We helped them until midnight packing and as a favor they gave us a ton of stuff and I mean A TON. My companion got several sweaters, shoes and dress pants and I got from one of his roommates, Elder Earl a parka. This was no average parka, it was very obvious that someone shelled out serious money for this. But he was going to Thailand and really didn’t need it so he just gave it to me. Also our friends the Ukranians also left, so we inherited all of their stuff. The main thing we inherited was a nerf sword. Now this isn’t any sword but this sword is part of the history of the mtc. It has been passed down from Elder to Elder. The oldest one was an Elder who entered the MTC is 2014 meaning there is a good chance he finished his mission. One of the weird things about the MTC is that everyone wants to leave a mark on the MTC. There is graffitti everywhere and items get passed down. Of course graffitti is a serious punishment and one of the previous mission presidents sent missionaries home so for the most part that stopped but items keep getting passed down. Also an interesting fact, my mind gave up when I needed it the most. You know when you have a lot to do and you just end up taking a nap? Yeah, that was this week. I had so much to do and I flopped on most of it. We have to do this thing called TRC which basically means we teach members who are either from Finland or they served missions there. I worked really hard on my lesson with whatever mental energy I had but it wasn’ good enough. (Cute photo of TRC report below). But one of my best friends here now is Elder Lee (picture below). Elder Lee is probably one of the nicest human beings I have ever met in my life. I have never seen someone go so out of the way for anyone else in my life. He greets almost every Elder by hug and is honestly concerned with everyone’s problems. If there was someone who would probably be translated it would probably be him. The last real thing of interest that has happened this week is me and Elder Farkas are going into an extensive prank. There is a new group of russians in the floor below us and the old russians who have only been here for 3 weeks wanted to look like they were experts in the language. So Farkas who combined his little knowledge of russian with his native hungarian and was able to convince the new russians that he only could speak Russian. The old russians would just bear parts of their testimonies to make it seem like it was a fluent conversation and Farkas would respond with something different and when they asked what they were talking about one of the old russians would just say something random. I feel sort of bad because the new russians had the “what did we get ourselves into” look. Becuase to them it looked like they were expected to speak fluently by week 3. I don’t think they’re really going to appreciate it but they will probably find out when we are long gone. Also we somehow get randomly selected for everything. Our entire district was in charge of the people and purpose night. That meant that we had to teach an investigator in english in front of a crowd or around 80 people. We had to do this twice. I was shocked because I thought they only chose good missionaries but I guess we were good enough.

The first picture is the stuff we inherited from all of the missionaries that were leaving. That night was very interesting.DSC00036-3.JPG

A picture of our little piece of MTC history.DSC00050.JPG

This is a picture from a really awful Thai book. There are some books the Church made that they haven’t changed for 30 years and the drawings are awful. I got one from the Thais, I didn’t get it because I am interested in learning Thai but actually because they’re so awful that they can make any day good. This is probably the worst picture I found and I just had to share it. DSC00043.JPG

This is me and Elder Lee.IMG_0584.JPG


Author: Elder Warner

I was born and raised in Roscoe, Illinois and I am probably one of the few members of the church who get to say that they go to church in another state (we go to the Beloit, Wisconsin ward). I am a freshman at BYU-Idaho and currently working on my associates degree of science. My hobbies include music, bike-riding, reading, and hiking. mission email: rwarner@myldsmail.net

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