I never thought this day would come. You see when you have been in the MTC for so long you begin to think that that is your entire mission. But honestly, time has gone really fast. Something that is said a lot here is that on the mission, the weeks go fast but the days go slow. For me it felt like the days went fast and the weeks went faster. If someone were to tell me that I have been sitting in the same 5 rooms for 57 days I honestly would not believe them. It has felt more like 21. But I am really excited because I also hear that the MTC is terrible and no one remembers it from their mission but my experience here was absolutely fantastic! I have made a lot of new friends and for the most part I am actually going to be really sad when I leave everyone. Our zone (all of the missionaries going to scandanavia) has become like a family to me. But I know that greater and better things await me on the other side of the world (literally the other side of the world). But anyway, the good part of what happened this week. Everything has slowed down, we are now in review mode and it feels like I am getting ready for a final exam and in a way, I am. And also Jib has finally left the MTC. It feels weird because he was in here for around the same time that I was in here. But yeah he finally left and I am going to follow soon afterward. While he’s a little crazy, I know he is going to do well. But we have also had a lot of lasts this week. One of the main one’s is gym time. It is going to be weird because we don’t get to use the gym for the next two years. I mean it doesn’t really matter because we are going to be walking and biking for 9-10 hours a day so I don’t think exercise is going to be an issue. Also my companion will be leaving the same time as us! We knew it was probably going to happen but we didn’t know it for certain. We went to the hospital to get him a hard cast and then we got the ok signal from the MTC medical services that he could travel to Finland on time. That makes me really happy because he wanted to go so bad. Then it was our last day with Veli Velho Ryan (Brother Wizard Ryan). And it was a little sad. He also helped as he roleplayed our investigator Miro and we taught Miro on our last day and it was actually really sad. We got him to commit to baptism and we finished up the baptismal interview questions. Even though I never knew Miro in real life it was actually really hard to say goodbye to him (DARN YOU ROLEPLAYS). And even harder to say goodbye to Veli Ryan partially because he has helped me a lot over these past couple of weeks. But we are needed elsewhere. Also after Tuesday Evening Devotional (which we realized are TEDx talks) we talked with Sister Freestone, our branch presidents wife and she gave probably the most inspirational quote I have ever heard in the MTC. Her daughter had to leave her mission early in Taiwan because of medical issues and she was really depressed about it. She decided to serve again and this time had to serve stateside and she bumped into a family that had family in Taiwan that she met and it was because of that connection they recieved the gospel. But the one thing that stuck out from what she said is that “When we think that things are going so bad, they are actually going so right”. And that got me thinking that even when we experience the hardest struggles of our lives, God is actually working his miracles through those hard times and sometimes when we are in the dredges of despair, he is actually accomplishing his work. It made me reflect on all the times that I thought things we going bad for me but actually Christ was working his miracles through me. At the devotional the speaker recounted a story of a Farmer who wanted a tree to grow a certain way that he knew would look magnificent, so he cut the tree down to almost nothing. The tree, now being angry being cut down complained to the Farmer “how could you do this to me, I was growing so nicely and then you cut me down”. “Well little tree”, he responded “I don’t want you to grow into what you were becoming because I know that you can become something much greater”. And so the tree did, it became a magnificent tree that grew exactly how the farmer wanted it. And in the end the tree thanked the farmer for loving it enough to hurt it. That was one thing that really touched me in the MTC. It was probably one of my all-time favorite talks and post-discussions ever. The last main thing was that today was my birthday! I was not looking forward to it because due to……..interesting scheduling. We had to do a lot of stuff on that day. We started out in the morning doing service. We clean a different residences bathrooms. But I told the people in charge that it was my birthday and they cut our time in half! Then we were first in line to get breakfast. Then we did our last gym time and we had probably one of the best gym times ever. It is tradition that the leaving group has to face everyone else. Then I didn’t feel like doing our weekly skype chats with someone in Finland and they didn’t pick up. While it is a little lame it was still nice because I didn’t really have a lesson planned. But we left a voice message with a lesson on obedience and I meant to say word of wisdom but I actually said word of corn AGAIN. I said the same thing in a previous lesson. But a long with birthday presents it has been a very amazing day. The weird thing is that my birthday luck has rubbed off on other people. Almost half of the people in our zone got packages today and everyone else just had a fantastic day. But it has been a nice way to end our time in the MTC. It has been really fun being here and I am excited to enjoy the rest of my time here!

One last thing that I wanted to take a picture of but I couldn’t because it is so long is there actually is someone in my zone who can trace back their lineage until Adam and Eve. Literally freaking Adam and Eve. He has some Jewish heritage and some of it is royalty and for those of you who know a thing or two about family history work is that when you have royalty it shoots back, like wayyyyyyy back. I mean I would find it funny if someone actually made the whole thing up and just wanted to mess with his whole family but holy cow it looks impressive.

But see you all on the other side of the world!

Vanhin Warner


This picture has a funny story, so this is actually a picture of a tv show that went on when I was a kid and the funny thing was shows like this is that everyone forgets the name of the show and we all believe it is a group hallucination (because those are totally possible, not). And we spent a whole day trying to figure it out what the name of the show is. We asked around and NO ONE COULD REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE SHOW. But finally someone remembered and it is maggie and the ferocious beast.


Author: Elder Warner

I was born and raised in Roscoe, Illinois and I am probably one of the few members of the church who get to say that they go to church in another state (we go to the Beloit, Wisconsin ward). I am a freshman at BYU-Idaho and currently working on my associates degree of science. My hobbies include music, bike-riding, reading, and hiking. mission email: rwarner@myldsmail.net

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