Hello everyone! Sorry this is a lot shorter but there have been some complications with the computers we use. It has been a really good week here in Kokkola. We have found many great investigators and we are working as hard as we can because we have found that the harder we work the more we are blessed. So we keep the hustle going. But this week we have had many interesting experiences. We have for the most part tried to contact in the city center, but because our city is so tiny we have started to bump into more and more people we have met before, so we have started to branch out more and more. We now do a lot of work in the further areas of Kokkola in the far our distance. We have met a lot of interesting people. Some are really cool and some are not so cool. However, one interesting thing before I get into a story is that Finland has a high concentration of people who only can speak Swedish and not Finnish, so sometimes we bump into people who don’t know Finnish well or at all. But one day we were tracting and we bumped into someone who didnt know finnish but could speak amazing english. She had a british accent and everything. (Also most people in europe when they try to learn english they try to do a british accent). But she could speak amazing English and we had a conversation about what we were doing here and her adventures through america when her family was there. Also, her grandfather was one of the first mormon converts and helped to build the first ward in Finland. That was pretty cool. Additionally, we met probably one of the most interesting people I have ever met in my life. He wanted to practice his english with us and was telling us how Lutherans weren’t Christian and that he knew the Book of Mormon wasnt true because he could “smell the spirit and that it wasn’t there” normally I would have been offended, but it was just so weird that I didn’t know what to say back ,so naturally we just said goodbye and left. But final interesting story, we were trying to find someone who wanted to meet with us and they were really far out. We decided to take a short cut and it ended up as us mountain biking in our suits and we ended up in a huge open field. It was really cool, but we believed it to be private property, so we just left. If there has been one thing I have learned during this week, it is that God is looking out for all of us. He knows our needs and wants to reach out to us. Keep on believing and do what is right.


Vanhin Warner


Author: Elder Warner

I was born and raised in Roscoe, Illinois and I am probably one of the few members of the church who get to say that they go to church in another state (we go to the Beloit, Wisconsin ward). I am a freshman at BYU-Idaho and currently working on my associates degree of science. My hobbies include music, bike-riding, reading, and hiking. mission email: rwarner@myldsmail.net

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