Well, it has been a wonderful week in Helsinki! It feels weird being here instead of small town Kokkola. But I really love this place! It was pretty sad saying goodbye to everyone in the north. All the missionaries were really cool and we had a lot of good memories there. But Helsinki is actually really nice! One of the weird things is that this place is so much more intregrated than Kokkola was, we are always taking the trains, and buses to get where we need to go. But my first week we had this thing called interim. Interim is when we get training that can help us for the rest of our missions. It was cool because I got to be with all of my old MTC buddies! Everyone has grown a lot and have had a lot of cool experiences. But that was really fun!

On another hand, our experience so far in Finland has been interesting. Last week was Johannes and that usually means that everyone either has left or is super super drunk so we havent had too much success then. But yeah, we have been having with some investigators. We dont have as much yet as we did in Kokkola but we are getting there!

Also my new companion is Elder Johnson, he is this really cool guy from Arizona and he is me if I left on my mission right after high school which is really weird because he is my age but he has reached the half way point on his mission. But we have been having some pretty fun adventures so far and the best is yet to come!

Also I have a lot more pictures now.

Also ps I am sorry I dont have a picture of my companion yet. We have been having problems with taking a decent picture of each other so until that happens….. sorry.

View from the highest point in Helsinki


View of Helsinki

DSC00186One of the weirdest statues I have ever seen